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HashKeeper – Monitoring and Control of ASIC Miners


– Losing money because of equipment downtime?
– Spending a lot of time restoring the center’s operation?
– Is it difficult to operate ASICs remotely?

Install HashKeeper – monitoring, management and automatic error correction of ASIC minimers.

HashKeeper – is the automation of ASIC error correction and the most complete performance data and analytics in a user-friendly web interface:
1. ASIC Error Correction and Remote Control Automation increases the profit of mining
2. Performance data and advanced equipment monitoring
3. List of devices with system and user tags for search and sorting
4. information about several data centers in one interface
5. Advanced user settings
6. High security level
7. Access via interface from PC device anywhere in the world

How do I add hardware to my system?
Once the application is installed on your computer that is on the same network as ASIC, the hardware will automatically be added to the

interface of your personal account in hashkeeper

System functionality:

  • Total number of added and active miners (shows the axes of all algorithms together)
  • In the Hash Rate block you can see the common Hash Rate of all devices and separately Hash Rate for all algorithms of different device models.
  • Interactive Hash Rate graphs separately for each algorithm, update rate 5 minutes
  • Temperature diagram of boards and chips
  • Total number of failures per day
  • Log fields of system operation, with arising errors and their solution

Depending on the problem, the system makes decisions to restore the equipment or sends an email notification if there is a need for human intervention in equipment maintenance


  • Basic information for each device
  • Ability to sort and search by each parameter
  • Adding notes for each device, which allows grouping and searching for asycks by your specified parameters (client name, shelf number, etc.)

Pool tuning

  • Mass or selective setting of pools for devices

It is enough to select the necessary miners, set the Pools parameters and press the “Apply” button.
If the Pools have already been configured on the devices, there is no need to re-enter data before installing HashKeeper.

Profile management:

  • Connecting Two Factor Authentication(2fa)
  • Important! Be sure to save the emergency recovery password, we will not be able to help you in case of loss of 2fa access
  • Change the password from your personal account to login
  • Connection Disable e-mail for notification of device errors detected by the system.
  • Download the latest version of the service if the update is released.
  • Telegram – Hashkeeper @Hashkeeper_Bot with a wide functionality of alerts and monitoring. The bot can be accessed in the System Profile.
  • The instructions for working with the bot are also inside it

Balancing up

  • Enter a promotional code to top up the balance
  • Download special Vnish firmware for ANTMINER S9, S9i, S9j
  • HashKeeper service with this firmware works for FREE

Setting up the grids:
1. It is necessary to add a subnet if your network has different subnets (for example, if the computer has, the asynk has IP address of the subnet should be entered in format (for example, if the asynk has, the subnet should be entered as –

2. Add SSH login and password:
In case you have changed the factory login/password (root/root) to a non-standard one, it is necessary to enter your login/password in these fields to find them in the network and further interaction

You can install the FREE HashKeeper from here:

Technical support and answers to questions:
[email protected]
Chat in Telegram @HashKeeperRus



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