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Rig.Cards – monitoring farms with notifications by email and Telegram

Hello, everybody!

I would like to present to your attention a service developed by me for remote Riga monitoring with the possibility of receiving notifications about certain events on the farm. Initially, I made it for my own needs, but in time it was decided to finish it off and roll it out publicly, because according to my feedback, it turned out to be quite convenient and necessary.

The service is called RIG cards

Basic functions

  • Status of rigs with indication of main GPU parameters (temperatures, fan speed, load, etc.)
  • The information for each riga is available on its own “card” (as I call it), so looking at the edge of your eye you can see if everything is OK with your farms.
  • Displaying the current hash rate
  • Notifications by e-mail or Telegram about the following events:

– Rig is not responding / Rig is working again / Rig has been rebooted
– GPU temperatures have exceeded / returned to specified limits (limits can be set for each riga individually)
– Lost video card in Riga / All video cards work

  • Reboot when various events occur (e.g. rebutt at card blade), possibility to start client exe files before rebutt execution
  • System Remote Reboot
  • Setting own temperature ranges for color indication of indications

Plans for the near future

  • Card with general information on all Riga at once: general hash rate, status, estimated yield, display of possible problems, etc.
  • Other improvements (more detailed list of tasks you can find below in this post)

How does it work?
First of all you need to download a client application (“client”) which you will need to run in Riga.
The client is a regular script written in Windows Powershell (something like an advanced batnik), of course, the source code is open, you can easily examine the content and make sure there are no viruses or other bad things. This is just an executable executable file. In any case, I also give you a link to the Virustotal report. In addition, the client uses the library of the well-known Open Hardware Monitor program to get the GPU sensor readings (the OHM itself is not required in the system).

Next, you need to add a tag to the system. This is easy to do when you first run the client on a riga.
The client starts with the start_client.exe exe file (a shortcut to it must be added to the autoload).

Install client – client.rar

Every one and a half minutes the client sends Riga data to the server. If no data has been received from Riga within two minutes, it is marked with a yellow warning status. Then, if during the next 2-3 minutes there is still no data – Riga is considered inaccessible, it is marked with “red” Offline status and you are sent a corresponding notification.

Also, every time you receive data from Riga, its indicators are checked, and if something is wrong (e.g. overheating of the GPU), you are also sent a corresponding notification and a problem icon appears on the Riga card.

Temperature limits can be specified for all rigs at once (Globals settings) or for each riga individually by clicking the gear icon on the card of the desired farm.

Depending on the temperature reading, the corresponding cell in the table will be coloured for better visual perception. This “coloring” has nothing to do with the limits of the t-tour you set, it is purely informative. If you wish, you can set your own temperature ranges for each color.

Also, as you know, you can conveniently use the feature with an indication of the lower temperature limit: in most cases, if something happens to the miner (departs, does not connect to the pool), video cards idle and the GPU temperatures fall. By setting the appropriate value, you can thus control the normal operation of the GPU and receive notifications if something is wrong.

At the moment, such miners are supported

  • Claymore’s Ethereum Miner
  • PhoenixMiner Ethereum
  • SRBMiner Cryptonight
  • EWBF Equihash Miner
  • Ethminer
  • T- Rex
  • TeamRedMiner
  • NBMiner
  • GMiner

System requirements
For the client to work on the system, .NET Framework 4.5 and Powershell 5 or higher must be installed (Windows 10 is out of the box, and Win 7 usually requires delivery)

How do you use a Telegram bot?
The bot is available here:
to start using it, just send him your secret key. You can find it here: Account – Your profile – Profile – Secret key
At the moment the bot is just sending out notifications, but in the future I plan to add a few handy features

How much is it?
For now the use of the service is completely free! No restrictions, no commissions.
And, of course, the service does not affect your miners in any way, only collecting data from the GPU.



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