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Ace Grin Miner v 1.3

We are developing a fast multi-gpu windows miner for cuckaroo29 mining algorithm which is used in Grin – a new community-driven implementation of Mimblewimble.

New in v 1.3:

  • 4-8% speed increase on Nvidia GPUs with fast CPUs
  • Support for 6GB Nvidia GPUs (will work on Win7, Win10 reserves too much memory)
  • Bug fixes

Nvidia 6GB mining cards notes:

  • 1060 6Gb you have to migrate to windows 7
  • P106 works on windows 10 no need to migrate
  • Make sure you have the following security update on windows 7 the miner will not start without it


  • Supports Nvidia/AMD GPUs with a min of 7gb VRAM
  • Simple configuration/auto-detection of GPUs and CPU settings
  • 4-6% speed improvement over grin gold miner
  • Ongoing development and dedicated Discord support channel
  • Moderate 1% dev fee to fund future development
  • Linux and Mac versions under development
  • Expected speeds for typical GPUs: 1080TI – 4.6 gps, 1080 3.6 gps, 1070ti 3.2 gps

Quick Launch Guide:

  • Optional: switch your Nvidia GPUs to “P0 power state” as it seems to increase performance. See tutorial at the bottom
  • Update drivers: Nvidia just use the latest, AMD we recommend 18.6.1 adrenaline drivers
  • Download and install 2.2.1 .NET Core libraries Note: restart required
  • Set virtual memory to 40-56GB (about 7gb per GPU)
  • Run start.bat and input your pool data. We recommend the following pools:
  • Optional: Input failover pool details manually into the created config.xml under <SecondaryConnection> similar to <PrimaryConnection>
  • Run start.bat to begin mining

Download Links!IXgFXCJK!tsc_ImSclH8X2M4I8dxHWA


Mining speed:

Nvidia driver 416.34

[v 1.3]
1060 (+100 0 101W) – 2,2 gps
1070Ti (+100 0 145W) – 3,4 gps
1080 (+100 0 150W) – 3,9 gps
1080Ti (+100 0 210W) – 4,85 gps
1080Ti (+100 0 155W) – 4,6 gps

AMD adrenaline 18.6.1

[v 1.1]
RX570 8Gb (cc:1340 mc:1750) – 1,7 gps
RX480 8Gb (cc:1330 mc:2000) – 1,9 gps

(Celeron 3930, 4Gb RAM)



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